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Russell Hill Rogers Gallery/Navarro Campus

November 10 - January 8, 2006

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ice Proposal


ice the installation is the title for a proposed space-specific temporary installation for the Russell Hill Rogers Gallery on the Navarro Campus of the Southwest School of Art & Craft in San Antonio, Texas.

A full-body/full-room installation, the space of the gallery will be transformed, as viewed from below, into a floating seascape of ice-like materials extending across the space overhead. The installation, in its entirety, will be independently suspended from a mechanism adapted specifically to the pre-existing hangers left over from the previous Sears life of the space.

The spectator will be invited to enter under and become a part of ice, perambulating an ethereal world beneath a gel-and light activated 10' waterline. The light will take its colors from the sun; rose, reddish yellows, and from the clouds and water. Ice bridges, cracks, milk-blue pools and veins, weathered faces fracture and tilt, hanging beneath the waterline, crossing at odd angles and slanting skyward.

Overhead, motion activated lights, motors, sound and performance by collaborator Joanne Brigham will, in turn, activate the structures and the nutrient-rich air above in response to this biological/technological interface.

Dwayne Bohuslav

ice the performance is a guided adventure through the seemingly barren and frozen world, the resultant journey of my personal search to find our (human) place in biology. A liberating space, where all living things are equal, no hierarchy remains. Where we are no longer limited by our self-imposed belief systems. The Aeolian Zone is a wind borne biome that exists in extremely high altitude. Life, here, must show continuous adaptations to freezing and thawing within each day.

This glaciated tundra will be our mobile home. It's a tenuous life for the no longer privileged. Its Darwin fast-forwarded as we struggle to survive. The performance will move pensively through, under, over and along the ice-like and epiphytic installation by collaborator Dwayne Bohuslav, drawing out its qualities and life while discovering parallel worlds of microscopic plants, annelid worms, fairy shrimp and more. Haunting and beautiful sounds of the tundra accompany the movement with poetic visits to science, physics, history, geography, biology and art in this attempt to liberate our minds from who we have been and ask "What are we?" and "Where do we belong?"

Joanne Brigham

I wrote words down for the tints - the grays of doves and pearls, of smoke. I isolated, in my binoculars, the high rampart of a mesa-like berg sheared off like a damp wall of talc. Another rounded off smoothly , like a human forehead against the sky, and was pocked and lined, the pattern of a sperm whale's lacerated tun. Floating, orographic landscapes - sections broken out of a mountain range: snow-covered ridges, cirque valleys, sharp peaks. The steep walls often fell sheer to sea, like granite pitches, their surfaces faceted like raw jade, or coarser, like abraded obsidian.
"Ice and Light", p. 207 ARCTIC DREAMS Barry Lopez

ice Revised, Evolving

ice the installation

By operating primary forces against each other, ice builds a constantly shifting topology overhead. Pulling and pushing. Twisting and turning. There is a theater of subtle forces of water, ice and air from concrete floor to ceiling, where pure equations of matter can be contemplated.

Adaptive all-thread/industrial spring hardware suspended from the cosmology of pre-existing ceiling locations. 96 yards of 66" wide 40m PVC curtain is painstakingly suspended at a 10' datum over 1,500 sq. ft. of the gallery space. Point-loaded blocks of ice @ selected suspension points load the industrial springs. The amber and clear PVC will deform/twist/turn/stretch without losing tensile strength to shape the understory projected for ice. Rose/reddish yellow clouds and water/mild-blue pools and veins of urethane resin is poured/painted into the floating icescape. ice melts and is run into the pre-existing floor drains as the shapes shift over its months of existence, never fixed or pre-determined, in flux, like life and ice.

Audio transducers and soundscape, projections and movement.

Dwayne Bohuslav

For the past 5,000 years, in an attempt to live a more predictable and safe existence, Western Civilization has acted with hubris in regard to this planet. We look to nature for guidance in our search for solutions and understanding.

ice the performance: revised/revisioning/revising..........evolving

As we continue with our work toward a realization date of November 2006 and in an attempt to update and communicate to you the performative life of ice as it morphs, molds and more clearly describes and reveals its multiple cells/selves to me, I would like to add the following:

ice a rigid chunk of geological
A slow, suspended storyteller of multiple perspectives.
Disparate, simultaneous and complex conditions
Collapsing through to find gravity describing the
A shape-shifting model trying on lives to fluidity
Less quantitative, less sight,
Way finding from scent or sound, a gentle, non-probing
Scale traveler........................................lost........... floating

The script, sound installation and projections are being developed from my research into non-western concepts of spatiality, remote sensory mapping, physics, Dwayne Bohuslav's installation conceptualization and an urgency on my part to find place/space for a less destructive, more empathic existence. The installation acts as a fluid model for constantly changing perspectives and intersects with micro/macro/parallel/virtual and imaginary worlds. The research was aided by a NEH Institute grant to study at the Hermann Smith Center for Cartographic Studies, Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, summer 2004.

Joanne Brigham

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